Procedure: When Should Mr. Fox Drink His Coffee?


Time and Temperature for Optimal Drinkability.

Coffee Temp

Independent Variable:  Coffee Temperature (Celsius)

Dependent Variable:  Coffee Drinkability (see data table descriptors)

Controlled Variables:  Sip Volume, Type of Coffee, Batch of Coffee, Tasting Time

Hypothesis:  Coffee drinkability will be ideal at 70 degrees Celsius.

  1. Pour one 400 ml mug of coffee from a fresh pot of Bunsen Burner coffee.
  2. Start timer
  3. Record temperature (degrees Celsius)
  4. Take a sip
  5. Record Qualitative Analysis of coffee in data table
  6. Record the elapsed time every 5 degree drop in temperature
  7. Take a sip and record analysis every 5 degree drop in temperature
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until coffee temperature remains constant

PurposeBunsen Burner Coffee – Data Table Graph Conclusion

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