Procedures: Origami Pots

One way I learn how to do many things is through procedures shared on the internet.  There are many experts (and many non experts) around the world who have shared their ideas and insights to help other interested learners around the world.  I have learned how to cut a hole in my roof and install a bathroom exhaust fan, I have learned how to bake cookies, I have learned how to workout, etc., etc., etc…

tomato sproutsOur class has some tomato seeds that have sprouted and need to be planted in small seedling pots.  But we don’t have any seedling pots. Ahhhhh!!!

paper folding

Luckily I found a procedure on how to build an origami newspaper seedling pot:


Good procedures are clear and easy to follow.

 I am curious to see if you guys found this origami pot procedure well written.

Think about what made this procedure easy and hard to follow as you are writing your lab procedures.

Questions:Origami Pots

What were some good things about the procedure?

What were some things that were confusing?

How could the procedure have been more clear or better for you?

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17 Comments on “Procedures: Origami Pots”

  1. Alessandro A Says:

    It is very detailed and includes pictures. Although they didn’t show many examples ( pictures ). It may have included a video.


  2. Alex M Says:

    A good thing in the procedure was how to make seedling pots to plant stuff. The procedure was kind of confusing because it wasn’t so well explained. A way the procedure would have been better was explaining more details.


  3. Yasmin A Says:

    +What were some good things about the procedure?

    -It is very good thing that every picture has captions, it helps understand better

    +What were some things that were confusing?

    -The pictures didn’t go step by step, sometimes it covered two steps in one, but again the captions helped me understand.

    +How could the procedure have been more clear or better for you?

    -If it had been a video, it would be easier for me because in videos the person is actually doing what you are doing and you can watch every movement.


  4. Caterina B Says:

    Hello Mr. Fox,
    How is your carnival? Well some good things about the procedure is that you could put your seed on the pot and grow a plant so you could have your seed plant origami pot. However, the steps to make the origami pot was confusing to me because the pictures was difficult to understand. In my opinion it would make more sense if you had explained more.

    – Caterina


    • adamfox711 Says:

      It is going well Caterina. Skittles had the kittens! Cool! I do think that sometimes it easier to understand when someone can explain it and ask and answer the right questions. I guess the internet hasn’t put teachers out of a job yet 🙂


      • Nicolas H Says:

        I think that the procedures for the origami plant were confusing because the steps were not well written and the images did not help. For me, personally, watching a video is a better way because you can clearly see how the steps are done.


  5. Nicolas M Says:

    Well the origami really tricked me sometimes but in all I did it very well. And also I tried to do as many as I could. Thank you for the origami


  6. juanp Says:

    I think that it was very hard to do it because it is better to make a video than pictures because you see the move


  7. elizabeth r. Says:

    i think these procedures were very helpful and well instructed but on one of them they didint make it clear and i was super confused. this was so fun and simple that when i get home i am going to teach it to my mom and sister so we can plant more stuff in our garden.


  8. Mark.D Says:

    The good thing about the procedure was that it had pictures
    Something confusing was the way they wrote it
    It might be a bit better if they could explain it more more clearly with understandable words.


  9. Adriano d Says:

    The origami procedure has changed me and my family. When I got home I talked and talked about what I learned in science. My small brother finds seeds a lot and keeps on whining that he wants to plant them but we don’t have a garden, so I taught him and my family how to make the origami pots and since I taught them we don’t have the problem of worrying about buying pots. 🙂


    • adamfox711 Says:

      That is awesome! I love hearing about learning in school that is actually useful in real life 🙂 Good job teaching and passing on your learning. Just remember the paper will break down and you will need to replant anything that is growing.


  10. 18simonb Says:

    That is so cool i made one too, did it work?


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