Science and Art: BFF

Candle MakingI have always found many things in nature and science artistically beautiful.  However during my school learning experiences, I was never given the chance to explore science and art as an integrated experience.

This year Mr. Anderson helped me create opportunities for students to creatively explore science and art concepts to produce understanding and wonderful pieces.  I really enjoyed learning about art, creativity, and how science and art can be best friends!

States of Matter – Form – Candle Making

“Art does not only serve a functional purpose in the scientific process. The observations and understandings derived from the scientific process in turn become inspiration for artists and their work.” – Mr. Anderson (Arts Integration Specialist)


Microscopic Cell Biology Inspired Art

Micro Art 5

Nerve Cell Art

Micro Art 2

Micro Art 3

Micro Art

Candle Making – Form – States of Matter

Candle (34)

Candle (6)

Candle (21)

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Middle school science teacher at Escuela Campo Alegre in Caracas, Venezuela. My wife teaches elementary art. I have a three year old daughter and one year old son.

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16 Comments on “Science and Art: BFF”

  1. Corey Says:

    I actually have a tendency to go along with almost everything that
    was in fact composed inside “Science and Art: BFF | Mr. Fox”.

    Thanks for all of the advice.Thank you,Alfonso


    • adamfox711 Says:

      Thanks for the comment. Arts integration is a great way to foster creativity and imagination, which is crucial for science (and every other subject for that matter!)


  2. 19cristinar Says:

    It is true Science and Art can be best friends forever


  3. 19yasmina Says:

    I actually enjoy a lot all the arts integration specially in science, I always understand things better when a little bit of arts is added to science.


  4. amandat Says:

    I love how art and science can combine because you could draw the answer of combining different chemicals together. This helped me understand a lot more of the experiment.


  5. Malik.A Says:

    I enjoyed a lot mixing art with science because when we mix both I learn more and have a nicer project.


  6. 19orianadim Says:

    It is TRUE. Art and science have many things in common. When you are working on an experiment and you have to sketch a cell you are using art even if you don’t notice. They have many things in common and it is an awesome experience


  7. 19Ignacio Says:

    I liked when we had to draw and then interpret the cells and using a special method to add into the cell sketch it gave sience a little more intrests


  8. 19victorc Says:

    I enjoyed integrating arts in science so that way it’s more creative. Besides, art does have a lot to do with science.


  9. ignacio Says:

    I liked when we had to draw and then interpret the cells and using a special method to add into the cell sketch it gave science a little more interests


  10. elizabeth r. Says:

    hope all our work can inspire other teachers to do the same thing with their students. this activitie was really fun and took time i hope we can do something like that again. it was great having a science and art teacher in the same class room to make one class of creativity and facts. i think that all these comments and videos are going to be great for the futer sixth grade classes to have to teachers teaching a combined subject to make one hopefuly other schools are going to want to do this and we will have all sorts of classes that they might even make a full piriode for all of this to be creative but meanwhile also thinking


  11. Adriano d Says:

    I loved making the states of matter candles I learned that putting ice in wax would leave holes in the candle. Drawing the cells was not always easy but the whole class enjoyed it.:)


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