Twitter Intro

Twitter is not only for celebrities to make fools of themselves.  You can really learn more than what Bieber’s sandwich tasted like.

  • Hashtags # – Keywords, anyone who is following the hashtag will receive the tweet
  • 140 character limit

Take a look for an intro of what Twitter is all about.

Mr. Fox explains what he knows about Twitter.


Let me know if you have any questions about the Twitterverse 🙂

Click on the posts “What Should I Tweet” or “Filtering Twitter with Tweetdeck” for more information on Twitter.

Happy Tweeting!!!

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Middle school science teacher at Escuela Campo Alegre in Caracas, Venezuela. My wife teaches elementary art. I have a three year old daughter and one year old son.

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6 Comments on “Twitter Intro”

  1. Nicolas Y Says:

    I think this tool is cool, I could use it follow people and ask them questions. I like how you can follow people and see what they tweet, I think one way to make it better would be to add a higher word cap so people don’t have to separate their tweets


  2. Mafe R Says:

    I think it is cool, you can use it to follow the people you know or other things you like. Maybe something that would make it better would be to not have a character limit like 140, or at least if it does have a limit to make it higher like 200. It’s also cool that if you follow someone you can see what they tweet.


  3. Mari C Says:

    In my opinion Twitter is very ineresting because you can get a message around the people who follow you in less than a minute. I have always wanted to create a Twitter because it is very cool, but had no idea of how to use it.


  4. Danielle J Says:

    I think Twitter is cool because you can see what people are doing and connect with them. I could use it to connect with my friends and message them, and see what’s going on in their lives. I could see what celebrities are up to, also. Or, if I wanted to use it for educational purposes, I could follow educators and collect valuable information or fun information from their posts and learn things. I like Twitter because you can get information that people share and message them. You can also use hashtags to highlight something in your post that you want people to look at more; to stand out. I don’t really know what could be better, because I don’t know how to use it and I don’t have an account.


  5. elizabeth r. Says:

    thanks Mr. fox for the thorough demonstration. i think twitter is cool because you get to talk to people and stay updated with whats going on in their lives. it would be great if everyone i know had account so we could talk and have lots of LOLs. i can wait to try it out when Mr. fox tells us what to do. hope it will be fun.


  6. Nicolas H Says:

    Twitter seems cool because you can see other people’s interests but I don’t have an account


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