Google Reader: Bringing the Web to You

EDIT:  Google Reader is deceased.  : (  Feedly is a good alternative that does a similar job.  I also still use Pulse and Flipboard on my iPad to view my feeds.

Google Reader is a great way to bring website articles and blog posts from you favorite sites to one site that you can check easily.  I will let Mr. Google explain.

YouTube:  Google Reader in Plain English


  • Now a turn for Mr. Fox to explain how he uses Google Reader

How Mr. Fox Uses Google Reader


  • Give it a try and let me know if you have any questions, uses, thoughts, or ideas.

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Middle school science teacher at Escuela Campo Alegre in Caracas, Venezuela. My wife teaches elementary art. I have a three year old daughter and one year old son.

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12 Comments on “Google Reader: Bringing the Web to You”

  1. amandat Says:

    That is so cool I am so lucky to have a science teacher that can teach us students so well of science and technology.


  2. Daniela J Says:

    I think that this tool is very cool because you don’t have to check a bunch of different websites to be up to date with everything that is happening. When I get home, I have to check my email, Facebook, twitter, all of my teacher’s wikis, etc. If I use Google reader I wouldn’t have to go to all of these websites. In fact, I think that I might actually start using it today. It would be cool if we could also chat on Gmail through Google reader.


  3. Nicolas Mino Says:

    Google reader really helps me a lot, and it contained specific details of how to use it properly. Thanks a lot.


  4. Nicolas Mino Says:

    Well I don’t really have twitter but I heard that is heard that twitter tells you what’s going on with other people’s lives and all stuff, but still, you can get interested of what’s going on.


  5. Nicolas H Says:

    Google reader seems easier to use than Twitter and since I already have a google account it should be easy to log on.


  6. Alessandro A Says:

    Those videos were very helpful and interesting. Now I know how to use those tools/Websites. Thank you.


  7. Male Baquero Says:

    I don’t really use twitter or google reader, it’s cool that in twitter you can follow and read what you find interesting, but for me is better google reader do that is easier/fun to read quotes and pictures.


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