Geneticist to Restaurant Owner

We talk a lot about exploring and developing your interests.

I was recently in Buenos Aires and went to a really cool restaurant, The Argentine Experience.  The restaurant engages diners in the cooking experience.   You learn about cooking processes, help prepare food, and of course eat.  But what I really got out of dinner was a story in following your passions

One of the staff described how he had gone to school to be a geneticist, got a degree, worked as a geneticist, and then decided his passion was food and people.  He got together with friends and started a restaurant in an apartment.  They put in hard work, engaged in trial and error, and explored.  They developed their idea into their career and opened a restaurant.  They also developed a philosophy.

“To work/travel and experience life where you want, with the people you like and love, the ability to give back to our clients anything they desire in a way that nobody else can, the ability to give more than you take but feel like you’ve taken everything you could ever want. This company is about mixing all cultures of the world together, taking the billions of ideas that we create, and blending them into a place in which everyone is welcome.”

You never know what you may do for a living, but hopefully your job and passions overlap!

Would you like to own a restaurant?

 What type of restaurant would you open?  

What would the slogan, philosophy, or advertisement be? 

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11 Comments on “Geneticist to Restaurant Owner”

  1. Paola B Says:

    I would like a family restaurant, with kids running around and families having fun. My slogan would be,” You won’t find love, warmness and care anywhere, unless you find your true familiy. Be thankful of yours..”


  2. Paola M Says:

    I will like to own a restaurant, I will like to own a sushi restaurant because most people like sushi restaurants Peal’s sushi restaurant


  3. Eugenia Says:

    I would like to own a restaurant, and if I make one I would like it to be Italian. My logo would be kind of like a poem or part of a poem. My restaurant would be called “What you can eat”


  4. Felipe Z Says:

    I like to own a restaurant because even though you have bad comments from people you can still have fun cooking and still winning money with your friends. I would open a Chinese restaurant because my favorite type of food is fried rice.


  5. Guillermo F. Says:

    Personally, I would not like a restaurant simply because I want to chase down another profession.


  6. Isabella Says:

    Wow. If I opened a restaurant, I would probably make it a ocean themed restaurant or maybe or maybe a restaurant like those fancy ones. I think my philosophy would be “Right in your eyes, the passion of life”


  7. Brian Says:

    I would like to to own a restaurant
    I would like to open a subway restaurant with sandwiches!
    Eat subway always or I will remove your skin while you sleep! Just kidding buy subway!


  8. gabriel l Says:

    I would like a restaurant to feel like home and wonderful the name would be “nothing like home”.


    • Hyoung Sun Heo Says:

      I would like to own a restaurant, and I want to make a buffet with all the food from all over the world, as many as we can.


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