Visual Concept Map Notes

When learning about a topic it is important to record what you’ve learned.

There are many ways to go about doing this.  We are probably most familiar with written notes.  The place of choice for most of us right now is Google Drive or G-Docs as the kids on the street are calling it. (: JK although if you want to start making up tech slang I encourage it)

Google Docs Shot

Google Drive is great because you can:

  • collaborate
  • make different kinds of files
  • view them on any computer
  • you don’t have to save!

Somehow middle school students always used to forget to save their hard work and be unable to turn it in after their, “computer did something crazy and they lost their work.”

Throughout the year I will try and expose you all to some other ways to keep track of and display information.  One way I like to keep track of ideas and knowledge is concept maps.

My favorite collaborative online concept mapping tool is Mindmeister.  

World Class Learners

Let me know if you want to try out Mindmeister for anything or if you come across any other cool concept map apps.

Click for more Mindmeister samples.

Student Matter Mindmeister

Skills and Mindsets Complete

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