Icons (w/ Google drawings)

While learning about visual literacy, I stumbled on the idea of icons.

An ICON is a simple picture or symbol representing an idea, concept, or action.       

   Camera Icon1378704720_Cart_by_Artdesigner.lvGoogle Icon1378708864_monotone_earth_world_transparent? icon1378708524_Calculator

Icons …

  1. Quickly and compactly show information
  2. Focus and emphasis certain ideas
  3. Help you remember things

You can use icons in projects, posters, lab report procedures or diagrams, presentations … Let me know if you want to make one or have an idea on how you or I could use icons to help your learn.

These are the icons I created for the lab report document

Lab Shot

Click to see the Steps of Making an Icon

Click Insert Drawing from the menu

Google Drawing

Insert Shapes or Draw

Insert Shapes

Change the layers (move things forward or back)

Group Items (very important if you want to move things together)

Image Altering 1

Change Colors, Line Thickness, Type of Line

Color, Lines, Thicknesses

Add some Text or Finish your Icon

Adding Text

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Middle school science teacher at Escuela Campo Alegre in Caracas, Venezuela. My wife teaches elementary art. I have a three year old daughter and one year old son.

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One Comment on “Icons (w/ Google drawings)”

  1. Victoria Says:

    I want to make my own how cool.


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