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What are you interested in? (Great Presentation Example)

September 26, 2013


This TED Talk is a great example how to effectively use slides to enhance a presentation.  Notice the presenter is the focus, not the slides.  I also love the examples of what kids are able to do when they follow their passions! Extracurricular empowerment: Scott McLeod at TEDxDesMoines Advertisements

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ECA Garden First Taste

February 28, 2013


I learned that vegetable plants grow very quickly.  I also learned that growing quickly doesn’t necessarily mean everything will produce food quickly. However, only three and half weeks after planting, our blossoming ECA Community Garden just produced it’s first crop of radishes and greens! We decided to let the middle school students, who all helped […]

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Procedures: Origami Pots

February 8, 2013


One way I learn how to do many things is through procedures shared on the internet.  There are many experts (and many non experts) around the world who have shared their ideas and insights to help other interested learners around the world.  I have learned how to cut a hole in my roof and install […]

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Purpose: Gardening PLP Goal

December 5, 2012


Goal:  Create a sustainable garden to educate community members and raise money for charity. Why? Mainly, I don’t know how to garden and want to learn!  I have often wanted to garden and grow vegetables but I have never found the time or space to build a garden.  I believe it is also important for […]

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