August 25, 2013


Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google TipsGoogle Search Tips


August 18, 2013



We all use Google to find out anything about everything.  But how does Google actually work?

I was curious so I Googled:  “how does google search work”.  At least I started to until this came up.

How does google search work

I didn’t have to complete my search term, Google predicted what I wanted.  So I clicked on it and got the following screen.

Search results 2

 I took a look at the page.  How and where did I look at it?  Google has studied this question using eye-tracking studies.

Pretty awesome right?  Google is performing a scientific investigation using eye tracking data to help design their site.  If you want to work for Google pay attention in science class : )

On to the question.  How does Google search work?

Google has designed a cool infographic to explain Google search.  Check it out!


After looking through the site I have an idea of how Google search gets me the information I need.  I also learned about the science of eye tracking and web design.  Sweet!

May 24, 2013


Google Reader: Bringing the Web to You

EDIT:  Google Reader is deceased.  : (  Feedly is a good alternative that does a similar job.  I also still use Pulse and Flipboard on my iPad to view my feeds.

Google Reader is a great way to bring website articles and blog posts from you favorite sites to one site that you can check easily.  I will let Mr. Google explain.

YouTube:  Google Reader in Plain English


  • Now a turn for Mr. Fox to explain how he uses Google Reader

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March 22, 2013


Filtering Twitter with Tweetdeck

What should you do with the river of Tweets that are now flooding your browser?

Tweetdeck is one great app/site that allows you to filter the Twitterverse and find relevant information from other Twitter users.

Filtering Twitter with Tweetdeck

Good luck finding your niche and network!

March 21, 2013

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What Should I Tweet?

What do people Tweet about?

  1. Great thoughts that must be shared.
  2. Blog posts or articles you have written.
  3. Sharing articles or sources of information you come across.
  4. Re-tweeting tweets that you think your Followers would benefit from.

Mr. Fox’s guide on “What to Tweet.”


Twitter IntroFiltering Twitter with Tweetdeck

Any questions or other ideas on how to use Twitter to share or connect with others?

March 20, 2013


Twitter Intro

Twitter is not only for celebrities to make fools of themselves.  You can really learn more than what Bieber’s sandwich tasted like.

  • Hashtags # – Keywords, anyone who is following the hashtag will receive the tweet
  • 140 character limit

Take a look for an intro of what Twitter is all about.

Mr. Fox explains what he knows about Twitter.


Let me know if you have any questions about the Twitterverse 🙂

Click on the posts “What Should I Tweet” or “Filtering Twitter with Tweetdeck” for more information on Twitter.

Happy Tweeting!!!

February 28, 2013


ECA Garden First Taste

I learned that vegetable plants grow very quickly.  I also learned that growing quickly doesn’t necessarily mean everything will produce food quickly.

However, only three and half weeks after planting, our blossoming ECA Community Garden just produced it’s first crop of radishes and greens!

We decided to let the middle school students, who all helped build and plant the garden, give the first results a taste.

From Garden to Plate

Garden Growing

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February 23, 2013


Cool Science Topic Boards with Pinterest

I wanted a visually appealing way to share cool links and sites I came across with my students and other teachers.  I am giving Pinterest a try and so far I am very happy with the ease of use and the way the boards look.

Check out the Pinterest Overview, Mr. Fox’s Pinterest Home Page, or go up to the menu bar and click on Pinterest Science to see what you think.

Happy Pinning and Sharing 🙂