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Icons (w/ Google drawings)

September 22, 2013

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While learning about visual literacy, I stumbled on the idea of icons. An ICON is a simple picture or symbol representing an idea, concept, or action.            Icons … Quickly and compactly show information Focus and emphasis certain ideas Help you remember things You can use icons in projects, posters, lab report […]

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Procedure: When Should Mr. Fox Drink His Coffee?

January 9, 2013


How can I design an experiment to test when to drink my coffee to experience optimal drinkability?

Independent Variable: Coffee Temperature (Celsius)

Dependent Variable: Coffee Drinkability (see data table descriptors)

1. Pour one 400 ml mug of coffee from a fresh pot of Bunsen Burner coffee.
2. Start timer
3. Record temperature (degrees Celsius)

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Procedure: Bunsen Burner Coffee

January 8, 2013


 Ever wonder how to make delicious Bunsen Burner coffee? . Purpose – Procedure – Data Table – Graph – Conclusion

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